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Håkan Engqvist receives the Uppsala University Innovation Award Hjärnäpplet 2018

Each year the Uppsala University Innovation Prize 'Hjärnäpplet' is awarded to one or more researchers or doctoral students for outstanding transference of knowledge from the University to a company and/or other external organisation that has resulted in an innovation. This innovation may have come about in a new or existing company or organisation. This year 2018, Håkan Engqvist receives the prize with the motivation;

"Through solid research, strong collaboration and newly established companies, innovative ceramic materials have been made available in new applications. Business establishments which includes Emplicure, Psilox and, not least, Ossdsign, whose products have already been shown to increase the quality of life dramatically for treated patients. "

The prize consists of a diploma, a statue and a scholarship of SEK 50,000.

Previous recipients of Uppsala University's Innovation Prize:

2017:  Hans Lennernäs

2016:  Maria Strømme

2015:  Lars Wallentin and Stefan James

2014:  Mats Leijon

2013:  Ulf Landegren

2012:  Fredrik Bruhn

2011:  Axel Lundvall and Fredrik Nikolajeff

2010:  Stefan Johansson

2009:  Lars Stolt

2008:  Claes-Göran Granqvist


Emplicure AB announces today that the Nomination Committee for the annual general shareholders meeting (AGM) in April 2022 is formed. The Nomination Committee consists of representatives nominated by the three largest shareholders per the last bank-day in the third quarter, as well as the Chairman of the Board. Emplicure's three largest shareholders, also the founders, have agreed to vote as one, in order to to give preference for more shareholders.


Emplicure AB has received issue notification from the US Patent and Trademark Office that a formal approval of the inhalation platform of pharmaceuticals will be issued on December 21, 2021.


Erik Magnusson appointed new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Emplicure AB.


Following this summer's new share issue and subsequent IPO, we are well equipped. The focus of the third quarter has been on shifting up, and driving the development of the company's two main projects; Empli03, our drug candidate for chronic pain, and Amp01, our oral tobacco-free nicotine product in the form of dry, white pouches as a consumer product. Both projects are developed on our own bioceramic and patented technologies and platforms.


Anna-Lena Nicolson, CFO och medlem i ledningsgruppen i Emplicure AB (publ), har idag beslutat att lämna sitt uppdrag. Anna-Lena kommer att kvarstå som CFO till och med den 31 december 2021. Processen med att rekrytera hennes ersättare har inletts.


Emplicure AB (publ) har anställt Anna Franzén som Sr. Manager Clinical Projects för att driva och utveckla bolagets kliniska projekt.


Emplicure AB (publ) meddelar idag att pantentmyndigheten i USA har utfärdat ett så kallat "Notice of Allowance" avseende Emplicures patentansökan för "Inhalation av läkemedel".


Som tidigare kommunicerats har Emplicure AB (publ) ("Emplicure" eller "Bolaget") genomfört en unitemission av aktier och teckningsoptioner av serie TO1 ("Teckningsoptionerna") i samband med en börsnotering på Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Första dag för handel med Teckningsoptionerna på Nasdaq First North Growth Market är den 19 juli 2021.



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