Torbjörn W. Larsson CEO

CEO appointed 2021

Torbjörn holds a BSc BA from IHM Business School. He has experience in leadership and international business development from both larger and smaller companies within Life Science and MedTech, including Novo Nordisk Engineering and Doxa. Experience from First North and IPO.

Holding in the Company: 0

Anna-Lena Nicolson CFO

CFO appointed 2021

Anna-Lena holds a BSc BA and Economics from Stockholm University. She has experience in financing and international business in both MedTech and other industries, with senior roles such as CFO and Finance Director.

Holding in the Company: 0

Jesper Lööf CTO

CTO appointed 2021

Jesper holds a MSc Chem and a PhD from Uppsala University. He has experience in product development, scale ups and commercialisation of bio-ceramic products for international markets. Experience from First North and IPO

Holding in the Company: 0


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